Monica Sabin

Professional Body Piercer

Calming. Gentle. Safe.


Hello! My name is Monica Sabin.


I am professional body piercer with 11 years of experience with an emphasis on fine jewelry, safety & client comfort.

I am currently available at

Shorty's Fine Jewelry & Piercing

West Palm Beach, FL

Sundays 11a - 7p

Mondays 11a - 7p

Wednesdays 11a - 7p




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Client Reviews

“On Monday I had the pleasure of being pierced by Monica Sabin and everything was beyond perfect! I could spend the next 100 years of my life describing how amazing their bedside manner was and how gentle things went. They put me at ease, created such a wonderful chill vibe, did breathing exercises WITH me so I wasn't alone in the piercing experience, and just...I'm so happy. Ari (who was at the front desk that day) has killer jokes and perfect hospitality! I ended up telling my partner about their jokes and they had a riot listening to everything! But what happens if neither person is available? I still highly recommend coming here! I've been pierced by Shorty before and things were just as good. Consistently, my experiences are amazing and I'm pretty sure I found my new home for piercings! Please come in to experience everything the team has to offer!” 

—  Jamara, 2020